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Dr. Ulrich Rass,    Born: 1955

Academic Studies:
Law school from 1977 to 1983 at the University of Wurzburg.
1986 Conferral of a Doctors Degree “Sozialauswahl bei betriebsbedingter Kündigung”.

Occupational Career:
1986 to 1991 active business involvement in family- and associated companies
Rass-Stahl AG
Stinnes Montan GmbH & Co. KG
Moselstahlwerk GmbH
Hochwald Drahtwerk GmbH
Kaufmann & Lindgens GmbH
Philipp Rass GmbH
Spetrans GmbH
EBS GmbH & Co. Kg
Spedition Lange GmbH & Co. Kg
ALWA Automobile GmbH
Rass Kran Service GmbH

Various positions and responsibilities.

1991 to 1998 member of the board Holding Rass-Stahl AG

Dr. jur Ulrich Rass
51, route de Wasserbillig
L-6686 Mertet

: +352 26 71 40 62
: +352 26 94 57 95
: +49 173 66 77 999
: uli.rass@steelandlogistic.com
1999 bis 2005 Member of the Board of the Transport Association of Luxembourg.
(During that period heavily involved in the joint solution of the effects of double taxation of employees living in Germany but working in Luxembourg.)
1995 to today Member of comission of inovation, Chamber of Industry and Commerce Trier.
2003 to today Member of the Advisory Board of the "Volksbank Mittelrhein".
2005 to 2008 Member of the Board Chamber of Industry and Commerce Trier.
2006 to today Voluntary Judge at the local Labour Court.
1988 to 2008 Voluntary Board Member of "Walzstahlvereinigung Düsseldorf".
Member of various Committees.
German, English.
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